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December 18, 2004

Octix Software Corp today announced the development of AmazeSync, a file and directory synchronization application that is targeted to run on current Windows® platforms.

AmazeSync will synchronize the contents of files in directory trees on one or more host machines. The directories to be synchronized can reside on the same host machine, a different host machine on a Local Area Network (LAN), or a different host machine that is reachable over the Internet using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). AmazeSync can also be used as a directory tree difference tool to easily determine which files are different between two directory trees.

AmazeSync is designed to be used by individuals and businesses who maintain identical (or similar) sets of files in multiple locations. AmazeSync allows users to easily determine what, if anything, is different between the sets of files, and then easily and efficiently migrate the changes between versions without copying the entire directory trees.

AmazeSync uses Tasks to define relationships between directories of files. Each Task defines a specific set of files that are to be synchronized between two directory trees, and specifies whether changed files should be synchronized bidirectionally between the two directory trees or should be mirrored from one directory tree to the other one.

AmazeSync extends the Task concept further by allowing related groups of Tasks to be combined into Jobs. A Job can be run on demand by the user, or can be scheduled to run at a future time or on a repeating schedule. Each time a Job is run, AmazeSync retains the status of all of the files in each Task. This per-file status is used the next time the Job is run to determine whether individual files have changed or have been deleted.

Some of the anticipated uses are:

  • Website developers who maintain several versions of a website — production, test, development, etc. — can use AmazeSync to determine which files have changed between versions and to easily and efficiently migrate the changes to the next version.
  • Any developers or content creators who maintain multiple versions of files can use AmazeSync to easily and efficiently migrate the changes between versions on their local LAN or a single host machine.
  • Individuals who share photos or other data files on a website can use AmazeSync to easily manage their online files by creating a directory tree with the files to be shared on their local machine and configuring a Job to make the web directory tree match the local machine.
  • "Sometimes connected" users can use AmazeSync to keep files on their laptop or mobile device in sync with files on their corporate or home LAN. AmazeSync's ability to synchronize only files that have changed is especially useful for remote users who synchronize their files over a dial-up or other relatively slow connection.
  • Businesses who have multiple sites where identical data files are maintained can use AmazeSync's scheduled Jobs to define sets of files that should be synchronized at regular intervals. For instance, some files could be synchronized monthly or weekly, and other files could be synchronized nightly or even hourly.
  • Websites or FTP sites that "mirror" other sites on the Internet can use AmazeSync's scheduled Jobs to automatically keep their site up to date with the site or sites being mirrored.

AmazeSync is designed and built using Microsoft's latest .NET technology for Windows. AmazeSync will run on computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98SE with the .NET Framework installed. AmazeSync will synchronize files with other computers on a LAN utilizing Microsoft Windows File Sharing, and with most Windows or non-Windows FTP Servers over the Internet or on a LAN. AmazeSync does not require any software to be installed on the host machines that it synchronizes with other than the standard FTP Server or Microsoft Windows File Sharing software.

A projected release date for AmazeSync has not yet been announced.

Company Background

Octix Software Corp is a privately held software consulting and development firm based in Richardson, Texas that has been helping businesses build robust, state of the art Windows components and applications since 1997. Octix provides custom software development and consulting services, specializing in the design and development of Windows components and applications using C#, C++, and Java.†

Its primary clients are software development organizations who desire to create advanced Windows and .NET applications that are beyond their current abilities, and businesses that donít have their own internal software development organizations. Successfully completed projects range from small component libraries, to Windows client and smart client applications, up through fully distributed client-server and n-tier web applications.

The president of Octix, Doug Luecke, has extensive knowledge of application development, graphical user interfaces, and database design which has been acquired through more than twenty years of experience developing applications in the Windows, Linux, and Unix environments using SQL backend systems such as Informix, Sybase, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. He has two decades of experience in taking products through every step of the software development life cycle Ė from analysis, requirements, and specification through design, implementation, and support.

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