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Octix Software Corp has been helping businesses build robust, state of the art Windows components and applications since 1997.  Our primary clients are software development organizations who want to create advanced Windows and .NET applications that are beyond their current abilities, and businesses that don’t have their own internal software development organizations.

Octix provides custom software development and consulting services, specializing in the design and development of Windows components and applications using C#, C++, and Java.  Our expertise ranges from small component libraries, to Windows client and smart client applications, up through fully distributed client-server and n-tier web applications. Octix is a strong proponent of object oriented design and development methodologies.  We have exceptional strength in taking a customer's requirements and ideas, and designing and implementing a system to satisfy those requirements in a timely and cost effective way.

The president and principal consultant of Octix, Doug Luecke, has extensive knowledge of application development, graphical user interfaces, and database design which has been acquired through over twenty years of experience developing applications in the Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, and Unix environments using SQL backend systems such as Informix, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.  He has years of experience in taking a product through every step of the software development cycle – from analysis, requirements, and specification through design, implementation, and support.

In addition, Doug has the distinction of being a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and holds the following Microsoft Certifications:

  • 70-315 – Developing and Implementing .NET Web Applications with C#
  • 70-316 – Developing and Implementing .NET Windows Applications with C#

Recent Projects

Following is a representative sample of the components and applications recently developed by Octix:

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