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Octix Software Corp has been helping businesses build robust, state of the art Windows components and applications since 1997.  Our primary clients are software development organizations who want to create advanced Windows and .NET applications that are beyond their current abilities, and businesses that don’t have their own internal software development organizations.

Octix provides custom software development and consulting services, specializing in the design and development of Windows components and applications using C#, C++, and Java.  Our expertise ranges from small component libraries, to Windows client and smart client applications, up through fully distributed client-server and n-tier web applications. Octix is a strong proponent of object oriented design and development methodologies.  We have exceptional strength in taking a customer's requirements and ideas, and designing and implementing a system to satisfy those requirements in a timely and cost effective way.

The president of Octix, Doug Luecke, has extensive knowledge of application development, graphical user interfaces, and database design which has been acquired through over twenty years of experience developing applications in the Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, and Unix environments using SQL backend systems such as Informix, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.  He has years of experience in taking a product through every step of the software development cycle – from analysis, requirements, and specification through design, implementation, and support.

Following is a representative sample of the applications recently developed by Octix Software Corp:

C++ Components and Applications

  • A C++ component library that provides an object oriented interface for applications to process credit card and electronic check transactions through the Authorize.Net AIM gateway.
  • An application that allows pharmacists to provide patient care at the pharmacy by assisting patients in managing medical conditions. This HIPAA compliant application runs on Windows and has gone through three major revisions, growing over the course of five years from a standalone single-user system, to a networked multi-user system on a LAN, and finally to a widely distributed client-server system operating over the Internet or a private WAN.  This application includes a multi-tier Sybase database using replication and thousands of lines of stored procedures.  It uses Crystal Reports along with several custom developed reports for reporting.
  • Integrated speech recognition into a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony system to enable callers to speak phrases and digits in addition to entering them via the phone’s touchpad.

  • A remote software download system to automatically download and install new releases of software from a Unix host to a Windows workstation.  The system was initiated when an out of date version of software connected to the host, and required no manual intervention other than to confirm that the new release should be downloaded and installed.
  • A multi-platform XVT application to automate the design and layout of packages for warehousing and shipping products.  This program automated all phases of the shipping process, from designing product cartons, through computing the most efficient packing arrangements in shipping cases, onto pallets, and into transit vehicles.  This application ran on Windows and Macs and accessed a multi-client networked database.
  • A Windows application which provided the user interface for a centralized 800 number call traffic routing system.  This application established a link with a host system which provided statistics and routing control capabilities.  The application was written in C++ and provided graphical displays of statistics and allowed users to control their call traffic routing.

Web Applications

  • Customized a web store system for a high volume internet-based hair and beauty supplies merchant.  This web store was built around a commercially available web store package that was heavily customized to provide specialized features and improve customer ease of use. The system has a browser-based customer storefront, as well as a full-featured back office system including purchasing & receiving, inventory, sales & fulfillment, flexible discounts, and mailing lists. It was implemented in ASP, XML, XSLT, server and client side VBScript, and custom HTML Components (HTC) and database access objects.

  • A web application to manage and display calendars of events.  This application was implemented using Java Servlets on a Tomcat web server and used JDOM and SAX to manipulate events stored in an XML data file.

  • A web application to display directories of images as slideshows.  This application was implemented using PHP on an Apache web server and provided user control over navigation and sizing of the images, dynamic generation of thumbnails, and custom page headers and footers.

Java Applications

  • An application to provide a fully electronic interface between physicians and pharmacies.  This Windows application was implemented in Java/Swing. It accessed a centralized Sybase database and allowed doctors to electronically transmit patients’ prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, check the status of previously written prescriptions, and generate prescription renewals.

  • Several modules in a system used by pharmacies across the United States and Canada to manage prescriptions and patient information.  This system was implemented in Java/Swing and supports multiple Windows/Java based workstations communicating with a centralized Oracle database server.
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